About Me

cincy-profile-picHI! I am Cincy from Australia. I have happened to go through this terrible phase called divorce and its long-tailed consequences on my finances. This site is for those who are looking for some information on how finances and properties are shared and settled between spouses when they are divorcing.

A couple, either married or in de facto relationship contribute to the household in several ways. While separating, the couple often feel lost how their finances are affected. And how they are going to move forward in life. To admit it, plainly, there are legal aspects to address to, when the couple think of divorcing. It does take time and money to settle financial issues.

Right from paying child support to arranging their money for their extra-curricular activities to providing for a dependent are all considered when the court rules for division of finances between the couple.

The financial agreements before, during or after a relationship are considered as valid and enforceable legal documents by the court.

I hope, the posts on the site help you to understand how financial details are dealt with and what are your options, if you are going through an unfortunate event of divorce. Agreements and inheritance issues are subject to the family’s financial status and the future obligations. Every divorce case is different and hence, financial arrangements required for every family is different.

However, consult legal advisors specialising in finance and property settlement domain to address your specific concerns in divorce.